Infosys Technologies: The Implementation Challenges of Knowledge Management Initiatives
1. When monetary incentives are loss out to promote any scheme, it usually leads to unplanned and unrestrained growth, which leads to circumspection problems. This occasionally leads to inefficiency and weak in quality in the end resulting in loss of credibility. In this case the friendship management (KM) group of Infosys first thought that by promoting the KShop with Knowledge up-to-dateness Units (KCU), which could be accumulated and telephone exchanged for monetary rewards, would increase the knowledge sharing on the portal. However, this led to the over contribution which resulted in employees experiencing information overload and consequently, higher search be for useful knowledge. Secondly, because of the major growth in the tot of contributions a heavy burden on the limited number of unpaid worker reviewers began to place, this lead to a loss in the quality realise of the shared knowledge, which resulted in knowledge declining.
2. The steps that KM constitution took in order to increase participation they introduced the knowledge funds unit (KCU) incentive.

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According to the scheme, the employees who contributed or reviewed contributions to KShop would be awarded KCUs which employees could accumulate and exchange for monetary rewards and prizes. Another step they took to increase participation and trip the employees was that their cumulative KCUs were displayed on a scoreboard on KShop which increased their profile and hence their standing in the organization. Unfortunately this rule served to be biased because there were a large number of employees that started contributing material due to the monetary gain which got produce irrespective of its quality, which led to a higher search costs and terrible quality. The most significant counteractive actions was to distance the knowledge sharing from the monetary incentives to protect the spirit of community in the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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