Identity Paper


Write a creative show in which you identify yourself through with(predicate) the use of a motif.

For example, in The Fashion Victims cristal Commandments, Michelle Lee identifies a group of people based on fashion victimisation the motif of the Ten Commandments. In My Children Explain the Big Issues, bulge out out Baker discusses what he has learned about life through the eyes of his children. And in A Postcard Memoir, Lawrence Sutin discusses his past through a set of postcards. You may decide to write the Ten Commandments of what it takes to be your roommate. You may decide to write about your five favorite paintings or plants and how each resembles a part of you. other idea is to discuss a ritual in which you on a regular basis partake.

ALL GOOD WRITING IS SPECIFIC, DETAILED, AND FULL OF EXAMPLES. This is the key to conquest for the essay. Concrete language! Use your five senses! Lots of examples!

find me, your target audience, skeptical. Every time you make a phone call about who you are, you must prove to me that it is true by providing evidence.

marking Criteria: Skillful Means:

Content: You give a wind of information and examples that successfully represents the distinct person that you are and the legion(predicate) sides to your personality.

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You discuss in detail how your the aspects of your motif represent or resemble your personality.
Expression: Your essay is innovative and unique. You show depth, complexity, and earnest reflection of who you are and how you came to be so.
Organization: The way you fall in organized your essay is logical. The beginning, middle, and end of your essay are co-ordinated and make a cohesive whole. Ideas are grouped together appropriately.
Mechanics: Syntax, grammar, spelling, citing. Readers should not have difficulty with sentences or be distracted by error.

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