1. What is a database? face examples.
Database is a collection of data nonionised so that the stored information can be retrieved fast. Some examples of database ar on line stores, card catalogs, road maps, personal forebode book.
2. What is a transactional or on line transactional processing database? Give examples
Transactional or online transactional processing database is a relational database. An example of an online transactional database would be that the online transactional processing used to process data on a regular basis.
3. What is the main persona of an on line uninflected processing database?
The main pop the question of an online analytical processing database is that it supplies extirpate users with data in response to queries that are submitted.
4. What are the ternion possible environments that exit for a database? Please explain.

5. What affect would trans heraldic bearing line rules hire on the build of a database?
Business rules are very affective to the database design. Business rules reserve the creator to give relationship participation rules and constraints and to create a correct database. These rules allow creator to understand business processes, and the nature, role and scope of the data.
6. What is the purpose of requirement analysis?
7. What pays up a good design?

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These are few important things that make up a good design, for example if the data storage needs have been met, data availability, data protection, data accuracy, and the performance. These are the few things that make up a good design.
8. What is the purpose of a mission statement?

The purpose of the mission statement is that it declares the specific purpose of the database.
9. What is a relational database?
Relational database is a formal numeric definition of relationships. It is a set of tuples which is equivalent to a cross-file from a table.
10. What is a work computer programme?
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