3 Rights I Would Not Give Up

?There argon so many values, and rights, that bring us the freedom, and happiness that we have today. Some of those rights and values have a big impact on us, and we would fight to keep those rights, and thither are other rights that dont have such a big impact on us.
If i had to film 3 rights and values that i would non give up, they would be. equation rights, life, liberty and security rights and the right to leave the country and replication whenever you wish. These three values mean a lot to me, and if i lost them they would probably negatively change my life.
I would not give up equality rights because, I believe that no matter, what you look like, what your hobby is, or where your from, should affect the way batch view you. Who cares if your white, black, tall, short, male, female, adult, child, abled, disabled skinny, big, intelligent or not Who cares if your not the hottest, or most beautiful person in the world. It doesnt matter. None of it matters. Just because you are white, does not mean you are better than anyone of a different culture or race. So what? Your a man. Big deal. A woman is capable of doing the same things. Maybe we all shouldnt be treated equally, just now we should be viewed as equal, because some quite a little require more than help to do things. We are all human.

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Take out-of-door the little details that make us who we are, and we are solely the same. Just human beings.
I would not give up life, liberty, and security rights, because I believe that everyone has the right to live and spirit comfortable and safe. Police officers help with this because they enforce rules, and arrest people which keeps us safe from some danger. One thing well-nigh police officers though, is that i believe they shouldnt be allowed to stick with up to you and check you, unless if they have a reason. Basically i believe everyone has the right to be safe.
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