Personal Essay On Teen Precnancy

Personal Essay
Discuss some issue of personal, Local, National, or worldwide concern and its Importance to you.

A personal And National come to that is important to me is Teen Pregnancy. Each Year close to cardinal million Ameri understructure teens begin with child(predicate), S neverthelessty-Eight percent Of these pregnancies ar unintended. Teen pregnancy is high in the U.S. Because many teenagers are not properly educated about being sexually active. Statistics show teen pregnancy is lower in another(prenominal) countries because they secure more education and have less devil to Family planning services, Birth control methods and public assistance. Teen girls who become pregnant, about thirty-five percent have an miscarriage, rather than stick out a child. In this day in age it is untold easier to get an abortion, without anyone finding out. Young women under the age of eight-teen prat take matters into their own hands. You may be wondering, How minor girls; ignore get an abortion without parental consent, When they are not even old enough to vote? Well its actually beauteous simple. With discipline provided by the nurses in schools Teen Health Center, You can contact a free lawyer that will acquaint young women and help them get a Letter from a Judge pretty much stating they are suitable to receive an abortion.

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And because of the confidentiality agreement guardians may never find out. After the abortion they are offered free birth control pills and if they end up pregnant again they can get another abortion. No questions are asked and they dont provide the teen with an information regarding safe sex. I believe abortions in some chaises abortion can be necessary. But I dont believe it should be done more than once! Thats when its no longer considered an accident. Because teens can have this force done, most teens have the state of mind, If I get pregnant I can just abort it. So they go along having sex unaware of the consequences and the harm they are doing physically and emotionally. If a teen gives birth...If you want to get a full essay, couch it on our website: Orderessay

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