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of World War II, the day that Adolf Hitler invaded Poland. W. H. Auden uses the occasion to write a fare salutary to the 1930s and to meditate on the social and mental causes of state of war.
The poem is written in the first person, with the poet addressing the reader directly. Auden claims to be writing the poem in a bar in midt make Manhattan. While the setting may seem, at first, inappropriate for a serious subject, it is typical of Auden, as well as of many an(prenominal) other modern poets, to take a detached blockage of enchantâ€"even when their subjects are profoundly important to them. The surliness or tone of the entire poem is established in the first stanza. The poet reports directly his feelings of uncertainty and fear for the future, as well as his distrust of the socialist schemes of the 1930s that failed to prevent the comeback of war.
In the following three stanzas (2 through 4), Auden characteristically gives an understanding analysis of the causes of the war. Two years earlier, in Spain 1937, he had apply the occasion of the Spanish civil struggle to treat war as a psychological rather than a political phenomenon. Similarly, in September 1, 1939, he observes that European cultural story is a madness that erupts repeatedly in war.

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The second stanza affirms the historic and psychological explanations: the emphasis, beginning with Protestantism, on man as an stinting being, and the belief that psychopaths like Hitler are created by abuses they suffer in childhood.
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