Trojan War, Myth or Legend

Trojan state of fight- Myth or Legend
Paige Gillham
The Trojan War is sensation of the keenest Greek stories that comprise of a great contend leaseing a thousand ships that set sail to outcry what was taken from them, one of the most beautiful women Helen of troy weight. Written by the Greek poet bulls eye, the great story has been a debate of fiction and legend for many centuries. Not only was the Iliad written calciferol eld after the great Trojan War, it was meant for entertainment purposes and not as historical establish which can question is obligation and truth. Though there is nothing to say that the whole Iliad is myth, home run may have based his poetry on a real historical event that could have taken send off and that may well have been a great war between Troy and the Greeks. Archaeological evidence claims that it has found Troy in one of 9 different layers at one hillside site first discovered by Heinrich Schliemann. Many archaeologists much(prenominal) as Korfmann, Blegen and Dorpfeld have devoted time and effort into discovering the antiquated site that once was Troy. Myth or legend, Homers Iliad has provided a story of great tragedy, triumph and love that gave the 10 year war a truly memorable fame.
Homer was one of the greatest epic poets who wrote of the Trojan War and the proclaim story that accompanied it.

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Though it was written 500 years after the war supposedly occurred, historians still use the Iliad as a source to which they base their findings on due to it be the one of the only and most veridical record of the war found. There are tablets and small artefacts that mention small aspects of the war, such as the wealth of the Mycenae people which Schliemann claimed he found evidence of in a Mycenae tomb containing gold and that Homers Iliad supported. Most historians believe that Homers Iliad cannot be utilize as historical evidence of the Trojan War as the language and style it was written in has no substantial proof that there was a war between the Trojans and Greeks that contain the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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