Medical Errors

Medical Errors in the Nursing Field Why They Happen
declination 3, 2012

Medical Errors in the Nursing Field Why They Happen
This root word will attempt to explain just about of the reasons why medical checkup errors halt place in the nursing field, as viewed by the yield of a child with disabilities, as well as a unit depository at a braggy childrens hospital. My position as a unit secretary has given me the opportunity to observed first-hand how nurses operate, and my experience as the mother of a child with a disability has provided me the ability to behold things from the other side of the coin (to coin a phrase). rising nurses pay the upmost attention to all areas of their wards care. Fresh out of school, new nurses give 110% to their elect profession. However, once orientation is over and some time has passed, some of them become complaisant. I will give three usages of errors that take place, and is more common than some may believe.
My first example is a young man (who I will bid Hal). Hal is a 17 year old male who was to begin with hospitalized for the administration of intravenous antibiotics due to an extremely high pyrexia and respiratory distress.

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After three days of treatment, Hals fever had not resolved and his respiratory issue had worsened meriting a transfer from the floor to the Pediatric Intensive Care whole (PICU). After transferring, Hal took a turn for the worse needing intubation and internal respiration support. While the young mans condition was not considered life threatening, he was in a delicate condition.
unawares there-after, Hal started experiencing seizures and the doctors then performed a series of tests (such as a lumbar puncture) to determine the presence of meningitis. Because Hal was intubated, doctors administered paralytics (Pentobarbital and versed), to keep him from extubating himself and to provide him comfort. In humanitarian to paralytics, he was started on anticonvulsants, Phenobarbital, Dilantin and Keppra for seizure control,...If you want to reduce a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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