The Defiance Of Traditional Athenian Gender Roles

The protagonist in Euripides Medea is contrary in many ways to the stereotype of a woman in Ancient Greece at that time. Already breaking the patriarchy of androcentric theatre, where female characters where mainly financial backing or secondary roles, Medea likewise demonstrates a plethora of behavioral and psychological patterns that differentiate her from emblematic Ancient Grecian women. fleck the play explores the disadvantages of being a woman in a patriarchal society such as Ancient Greece, Medeas vilified identity, which would clearly antagonize the original Grecian audience, is in itself an vista of the misogynistic attitudes prevalent at the time. Many of Medeas traits emphasize, but also break down, traditional Athenian sexism, such as her pride, determination, cruelty, passion, as well as talent in manipulation by which she gains the most strength against the patriarchal society by juxtaposing typical male as well as female qualities in order to achieve her means.
One of Medeas defining characteristics is her utmost(prenominal) pride, something which even to a certain level today is assort as a masculine quality. Medea was wholly prepared to fall in everything, in order to seek revenge and restore her pride.
I cannot bear to do it. I renounce my plans I had before.

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Ill take my children away from this land. Why should I hurt their bewilder with the cark they feel, and suffer twice as much of pain myself?... Ah, what is wrong with me? Do I neediness to let go my enemies unhurt and be laughed at for it? I must baptistery this thing. Oh, but what a weak woman even to maintain to my mind these soft arguments... I know what evil i intend to do, but stronger than all my after thoughts is my furty. Fury that brings upon mortals the sterling(prenominal) evils. (34-35)
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