Othello Commentary

Act 2. Scene 3. Lines 356-383

This is a passage from Othello by William Shakespeare. It occurs in Act 2, Scene 3, Lines 356 to 383. In the passage, Iago delivers another soliloquy, like the preliminary one, detailing the continuation of his plan to bring d declare Othello. previous this passage, as break a slice of Iagos master plan, Cassio is stripped of his lieutenancy chase a drunken rage. Following this passage, Roderigo, who has completely exhausted his finances, comes to guarantee Iago of his return to Venice, who convinces him to stay by telling Roderigo that he provide drive a wedge between Othello and Desdemona with Cassio. . This passage is large because through Iagos soliloquy we learn of the next part of his plan in which he will use Desdemonas replete(p) spirit, Othellos true love for Desdemona and Othellos desirous nature to convince Othello of an affair.
As revealed by Iagos soliloquy in lines 356-383, the first step in the next part of Iagos grand plan is to manipulate Desdemonas good spirit. Iago believes it will be easy to have th tendency Desdemona convince Othello, for such an honest suit as Cassios lieutenancy.

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The irony in having Iago call Desdemona request honest is that subsequently on he will attempt to, and succeed in convincing Othello that Desdemonas request is anything but honest. It is also arouse to note that Iago speaks so kindly of Desdemona, which is likely due to the situation that he loves her, but, he will is planning a evasion which will no doubt crush her. Iago claims that it is out of her own goodness make the net that shall enmesh them all.
Iago reveals that his plan relies on Othellos true love for Desdemona, which Iago is attempting to crush. Iago believes that Desdemona has the ability to convince Othello to do anything because his soul is so enfettered to her love. He also believes Desdemona knows this, which is the origin she will help Cassio, because it is likely she will convince Othello. Iago believes that...If you deficiency to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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