Raisin in the Sun

. In the play A Raisin in the Sun, the antecedent
shows an African-American family struggling to get bug out of the poverty line, which is fish filet them
from making financial stability, or the American Dream. Its main snap is on Walters effort to
make it, or be somebody. She as well as shows how race, prejudice, and economic problems effect a non-white
mans role in his family, how he provides, and his identity. It is also said that that the Youngers
family dreams were unreal and they couldnt attain thither dreams due to their status in life.
The two most greenness American dreams that the Youngers family want to achieve is to be
reliable by the white society and to be financially stable. For example, when the Younger family
veritable the insurance check in the mail Mama went out and brought a house in the white
approximation. Shortly aft(prenominal) she brought the house in the white neighborhood, which is kn proclaim, as
Clybourne Park they quick sent a representative by the name of Karl Linder. Linder was obscure of
the New Neighbors Orientation Committee that welcomed newcomer in the neighborhood.

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Unfortunately, since the Youngers were black Linder stated It is a matter of the people of
Clybourne Park believing, justifiedly or wrongly, as I say, that for the happiness of all bear on that
our Negro families are happier when they live in their own communities. This
basically states that Mr. Linder was trying to convince them not to live in their neighborhood
because they didnt fit into the description of that community. This is an example of them not being
accepted by the white society. Being financially stable allows you to turn in a mend lifestyle, gain
respect from others and to obtain power. By being financially stable you can live better because you
can you dont never have to worry about how your sack to eat, will all the bills be paid and maybe
you could own your own business one day. This relates to the story A Raisin in the Sun because
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