Protect the Young Not Only the Old

The United States is too confused about protecting the older and walking on egg shells around them and not worried enough about our finish upspring. Frum points out that the government in more than bureaus than one is babysitting the needs of the olden without pity for the youth. The youth are the coming(prenominal) and will determine what the future holds for the United States. Frums main message is in what way we squeeze out protect the youth but still contend for the senior(a).
Frum begins his article by giving the readers an example of how bad elderly drivers are, pulling on the highway going north in a south bound lane or vice versa. Elderly people have nothing but the perfunctory eye interruptup when they renew their license, but young drivers go through extensive testing and graduated driving privileges. wherefore dont we have a way to check up on elderly people? Well Frum gives seven-fold reasons like testing is expensive, or inconvenient, but mostly it is because elderly people pay more attention to politics that youth. So states are reluctant to go through this process because of governmental fear and backlash. Its not just driving that Frum believes the youth are at a disadvantage.
Our pay it forward economic science are relieving the economic problems from the elderly but piling it on the backs of the youth in hopes that someday they can pay kill the problems.

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Pay it forward used to work because the economy would upswing out front the junior generations had to worry about the debts and they would be paid off easily. The problem with the pay it forward idea now eld is the economy isnt swinging up at all. Todays 20 family olds will never be able to chance upon a financial status of that of their parents. How if todays parents cant pay it off do they expect younger generations to? Frums view is that it will be consistently pushed on and on through the generations until we have a breaking point. The 18-29 year olds are falling way behind.
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