rase with the pain of bearing children, raising them, doing firesidehold and steady farm chores, their efforts have never been truly appreciated. Mrs. Wright was …real cloying and pretty, but gentle of timidâ€"and fluttery… as Mrs. press, her neighbor, describes her (22). This would all in short change after her wedding day. With Mr. Wrights insipid type and lack of patience of any joyous sound, Mrs. Wrights spirit dwindled to nonentity. It seems she spent hours at a time focusing on her quilts, preserves, and caring for the exclusively life there was in the house, her canary. Even when Mr. Hale offered to get a party telephone, Mr. Wright responded, …folks shed too much anyway…(5). This silence he preferable also applied to his spouse. There were no hugs given prohibited much slight a smile. He failed to give her blush the most minimal sing of appreciation much less the emotional warmth she hungered for.

The low temperature felt in the house as the sheriff and court attorney entered the house symbolized the same coldness brought about by Mr. Wright. For the house to be cold and no-good and everything else outside the total opposite, was much more than just coincidence. It was as if when you entered the house a cadaver, cold and clammy, had embraced you in its arms.

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I wear upont think a placed be any cheerfuller for John Wrights being in it, Mrs. Hale told the court attorney (11). Mrs. Hale knew perfectly well what kind of personality Mr. Wright had, which is why she specified that she wished that she had gone to visit Mrs. Wright when only she was there. Theres a great deal of ladder to be done on a farm, says Mrs. Hale, nonetheless they are seen as mere trifles because it is the women who take on these tasks.

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