Bullying is a common experience for many children and it butt joint happen anywhere and at any metre. Bullying can move on in different kinds, verbal, physical, psychological or even cyber bullying. For precedent somebody in instruct can threaten you through with(predicate) email because you bought the same shoes as him or her. Girls unremarkably tend to use verbal bullying tar baffleing other girls solitary(prenominal) composition boys tend to use physical threats or intimidation regardless of what gender they bully. Bullying can happen because of no reason, but something that the victim can do nothing closely and cannot variegate .Bullies usually target people who be smaller, weaker, who get easily upset, who cry easily, or lose self control.
Surya and Baiju are two best friends. They grew up together helping each(prenominal) other in different t demands they had to do. As they got older they two got changed. They were still friends, but Surya noticed a little change in Baiju, but thought it was nothing. In school Surya was ceaselessly number one in everything she does and was academically ahead while Baiju was always behind in class and never does things right. cardinal day Baiju and Surya were in the school bus riding to school when two people, brother and sister who were absent the last day, asked Baiju what their home- utilisation was.

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Then Baiju started bullying them by verbally abusing them, and then told them to ask someone else. When the kids started to cry, Baiju laughed and started bullying them more. Witnessing this, Surya got up and went to the embarrassed brother and sister and told them what the homework was while Baiju sat there with his mouth gawp open, but even after that he never halt bullying because he felt superior when he picked on smaller kids.
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