Acid Rain Research:
How do pollutants get into the air come on?
Things want CFCs get into the air and clog up the environment. CFCs is a compound which contains Carbon, Chlorine and fluorine. They be also known as aerosols. Aerosols (CFCs) argon rattling painful because it puts an affect on the Ozone. It doesnt put that much of an entrap at once but over time it causes world-wide warming. The way they get into the air is because the spray contains gases and liquid which goes into the atmosphere.
What pollutants tenor acid rain and how?
Acid rain is made by the burning of fossil fuels. Burning cover, gas and coal in power stations discharge Sulphur Dioxide into the atmosphere. Burning oil and petrol in motor vehicles puts nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere .All these gases leave behind mix with water in the atmosphere creating fragile solutions of nitric and entropyic acids. When precipitation occurs these solutions fall as acid rain. The chemical substance reaction involved in this is when the water mix with sulphur dioxide/ nitrogen oxides give then collides, which will then year acid rain.
What does acid rain do to plants?
The roots be damaged by the acidic rainfall, which causes the growth of the plant to be stunted, or even in its death. The Nutrients in the soil are destroyed by the acid.

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Useful micro organisms which give out nutrients from rotting organic matter, into the soil are killed off, and then will have fewer nutrients obtainable for the plants. The acid rain, falling on the plants ruins the layer on the leaves and makes the plant vulnerable to diseases. The cumulative execution means that even if the plant survives it will be very weak and unable to survive climatic situation like strong winds, heavy rainfall, or a short prohibitionist period. Plant germination and reproduction is also inhibited by the effects of acid rain.

What does acid rain do to lakes and Rivers?
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