George Washington and John Adams were among the prominent Federalists leaders, along with Alexander Hamilton who ulterior created the Federalist party. Their main beliefs revolved around maintaining good relations with Britain and enforcing a strong central authorities. This advancement of strong national political relation was especially seen during the presidencies of both Washington and Adams. As well as promoting this type of centralized politics, they also supported a scent out of national unity. Washington and Adams both contributed to the diversity in political sympathies that is seen today. Each of their administrations promoted national unity and federal authority to a great extent that in turn resulted in the grounding of political parties.
George Washington was a firm believer in a strong national government while alleviate avoiding all possibilities of becoming a monarchy or dictatorship. He believed that nobody could possibly falter the government that he had established and that the government had the power to keep the country completely in concur (Document A). In a case such as the whisky Rebellion, Washington strikes on this governmental authority by claiming that he, disregarding of the constitution, had the power to subdue a rebellion as large(p) as the one at hand (Document E).

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However, this idea of a more authoritative government proved to be controversial in such cases as the Sedition constitute of 1798. This act stated that a person could not defame the… government and that if one was to do so they were to be fined and even sentenced to lag for a maximum of two years (Document G). Although this Sedition Act did not last, it shows how the Federalist government aimed to keep the power in their hands.
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