Alex Perez9/8/2012

Weve all had them, moreover think rearwards to when you were a child. The sidereal days when you were innocent and didnt know any better. Just the other day, I was having a rough start of the day and I quickly had a flash approve to when I was a child. The joke rolled in as soon as I thought about the time I couldnt pronounce m&m. Those were my favorite candies as a child. I was 4 days old at the time, when my mother drove me to the store so that I could overprotect my m&ms as a slightness for being good. Because most children want some kind of independence, I begged my mother to let me go in alone and obtain the candy, with the money that i had earned.
I remember running play up to the man at the cash register and innocently, investigateed him for an enema. The cashier, looked strangely at me and asked me where was my mother or father, I told him my mother was out in the car and he took my hand and led me to her. He told her that I asked for an enema, and he wanted to know why a footling boy would come into his store and ask for an enema. Embarrassed but eager to explain, my mother told him that I meant m&ms. Relieved,The man laughed and went back into the store to grab a bag of m&ms for me. At the time ofcourse i had no clue as to why they were laughing so much.

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The next morning we went back to the identical conveniance store, mother asked me to go inside and purchase an apple pie for dinner. she had as well as given me a little limited so that i could purchase a snack for myself. well as you could correspond the only thing running trough my mind was the extra money for a snack, by the time i reckon the store i had forgottened what type of pie she had asked me to purchase. i started to get nervouse because i new that if i bought the wrong one i would get in trouble. so i qickly picked up the most pleasant-tasting one i could fine and ran out of the store to ask my mother if this was the one she wanted me to buy, the clerk then started running towards me yelling that i had to pay for...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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