Maturity as a Process in to Kill a Mockingbird

Ankit Pillutla
Ms. Bedard
17 May 2012
To Kill a scoffer: Maturity as a Process
Society tends to associate the bourn maturity with age most often when in frankness they are not directly related. People must stimulate certain defining character traits and go with aliveness experiences from which they then must learn in order to start mature individuals. Not everyone can be mature though, as certain sections of fraternity tend to go down the molest path due to their closed mindedness and inability to learn from worth(predicate) experiences. There are three types of muckle who exist in the book To Kill a Mockingbird; firstly in that location is the closed minded, ignorant immature person who fails to contribute to society in a positive way. Secondly, there are people who are n both mature nor immature. They can go either way based on their actions because they act mature at times but at other times they are a different person. Lastly, there is the i locoweed mature member of society who is honest, courageous, loyal, trustworthy and do not allow harm to intervene.

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Some people will never mature no matter their age because they fail to allow the situations they go through to have a positive effect on them. They motionlessness have a closed mind and do not possess any of the defining traits nor do they take others feelings into consideration, honorable theirs. People like this mainly do not unclutter that prejudice is only holding them back. A prime interpreter of an immature character is Bob Ewell. He cannot and does not have it off how to properly handle situations or defeat as after the campaign he spits in Atticus face in a childish manner. Also, Bob Ewell chooses to be violent and strong-growing by trying to fight Atticus after the trial and says, Too proud to fight, you nigger-lovin bastard? (Lee, 291). Showing he fails to deal with situations calmly and allows anger to find oneself the best of...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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