Story Of a Decay

Yousha Mallick
Michelle Ashley
ENG 102-01
Story of Decay
William Faulkner wrote a tale about an old charwoman living in the townshipspeoplespeople of Jefferson called A Rose for Emily. He opens the story as the town finds out about Emilys death. An uncharted fibber who lives in the town of Jefferson recounts the story. A Rose for Emily illustrates the rootage of decay in the town, the house, and in Miss Emily herself. This is described by William Faulkner in the end of the Story.
As the story starts with the death of Emily the vote counter tells us about the past life of Emily and the Grierson family that Grierson family was one of the tall Class Family of the town. He has given hints about the past billet of Grierson family by saying if she demanded more than ever the recognition of her hauteur as the last Grierson.(Faulkner 423). Throughout the story William Faulkner emphasizes on the views of town about main characters of the story. The town of Jefferson has so much order on the story that the main character of the story looks slight in the lime light.
When Emilys father died people of town has mixed feeling they were benevolence for poor Emily that she was left alone(predicate) and on the same hand they feels that now Emily will spot anguish of penny.

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right off she will know that life is non easy the one have to face lot of hardships and go through lot of hurdles to survive.
At last they could pity Miss Emily. Being left alone, and a pauper, she had become humanized. Now she too would know the old thrill and the old despair of penny more or less. (422).
Similarly on so many other places in the story the writer has mentioned the town discussing about the change coming into the life of Emily. Like in the story when she fell sick for a long time, the narrator narrates people noticed new appearance of Emily like her bull was cut short, making her look like a girl, she looks the angles in colored church windows. On another occasion Faulkner discusses how...If you neediness to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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