The Early writers, scholars, and artists began to question if the future in life in heaven was as important as life whizz earth. The renascence was considered the pour down of modern times because it was more the like today. During the Renaissance, religions had also changed. Writers and scholars, such as Martin Luther, started to rebel their laws and their pope to start a different religion such as Lutheranism. The Renaissance was more like today; the recent times.
The Renaissance was contour of a dark life. Life was just a fiddling time before death. People were basically seen as scums and immortal was vengeful. Their whole lives resolved around God. In one of Michelangelos vast painting on the ceiling of the Sisteen Chapel in Rome, he painted The Creation of Adam. It was seen that God was hefty and he could do anything. But art was just a way to lead to the Christian faith.
Religions of the Renaissance were very corrupt. manage the drawing of, The troubled perform in a discontented Sea. That drawing was seen that Catholic performes were troubled. Through other battalions eyes, its probably seen that Catholic churches werent permanent and that the Catholics should convert to other religions. Martin Luther was a scholar trying to prophesy to others somewhat his religion, Lutheranism.

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Martin Luther was probably one of hundreds of others who caused reformation. Luther was a German monastic and also a teacher of theology. He was troubled about not being able to go to heaven. Luther questioned about Indulgences and corruption. On October 31st of 1517, he posted on a church door in Wittenberg, his ninety-five theses saying salvation is achieved done faith alone. He wanted the churches to clean up their acts. The church was furious and the people became known as Lutherans.
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