Animism and Christianity have common beliefs as well as antagonist beliefs. In the encounters with Indians, settlers believed Animism was primitive and unearthly based. The settlers practice of clandestine holding was foreign to the natives and this is where conflict arose. Many Indians did non want to call for the way of thinking settlers imposed on them and this led to reddish confrontations. Aside from this key issue there were certain things both religions shared.
Animists believed that gods and spirits are found in trees, rocks, plants, and other things. some(a) also believed in a great god who was higher up all the others. This monotheistic view that a portion of the Indians believed in is also apart of the Christian religion. A difference in the way both religions perceived paragon is that Animists felt that divinity played no active role in their lives. Christians believed the opposite, that God is love and watched over all.
The interconnection of the supernatural in Animism is a stark contrast to the black and white mentality of Christianity. Animists associated the supernatural and natural as part of a cycle that flowed inwardly each other.

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Christians drew a line between the 2 forces and viewd supernatural as evil. The black and white mentality express the way the settlers viewed the Indians. Instead of seeing them as a fit and gregarious society, they saw them as weak and savage people.
The principal(prenominal) difference, the main issue that sparked the most conflict between the Indians and Settlers is private property. The natives had no concept of private ownership. Everything was community based. The settlers thought of this as uncivilized and viewed private ownership in the highest regard. To them, one could not be a man without land.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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