Native Americans and White Settlers

Fear of the unknown other has plagued humankind for millennia. This fear typified the blood betwixt eastern settlers and Native American tribes in the nineteenth century. Differences in culture, religion, and even hunting practices caused great tension between the two parties. Treaties from both sides vainly onseted to hold on to peace, wholly to be met with harsh conflict. During the latter half of the nineteenth century, the U.S. government was on a genocidal campaign in the attempt to extinguish the native threat. Was this uncalled for? Perhaps in some expressive styles, save neither side was completely just or unjust.

For the dust coat settlers, the religions of the plains people seemed quite strange indeed. Their culture revolved rough two animals, the horse and the buffalo, the buffalo being the aborigines main seed of food, fuel, and building material. The horse was the Indians main source of transportation and the only feasible way of killing a buffalo. The reverse was too true for the Native Americans. The white foreign invaders brought with them devastating weapons, disease, and state of war upon their tribes. American bigotry and zealotry constantly puts the Indian way of life at risk. These people lived in strange homes do out of prairie turf and donned heavy and odd looking clothing.

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The whites believed cardinal could actually own land, which was a foreign concept to the aborigines. And intimately damning, American hunters decimated the buffalo population.

With the arrival of the horse, the massive buffalo herds became a primary source of food and shelter for the plains people. The animals hide could be used for blankets, tepees, containers, and even shields. The thick drum were used as tools, weapons, and instruments. One can easily play along the reliance the aborigines had on the mammal. While the Native Americans used about every piece of the buffalo, the American settler killed the animal for wide-eyed sport, and occasionally the hide. During the late 1800s,...If you want to get a spacious essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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