Slavery And The Constitution

Slavery and the Constitution
During the time leading up to the civil warfare the north and south, of the United States were in debate on the resign of thrall. The north had an abolitionist outlook on slavery speckle the south was built around the concept of slavery. Slavery was discrepant with the fundamental American value of liberty. The Constitution is the document that include the view of slavery. The meaning of slavery in the Constitution has been misinterpreted and has lead to much debate. The viewpoints of these men differ based on the right smart that they interpreted the Constitution. Some like William Lloyd Garrison believed that the Constitution allowed for the captivity of blacks. Others such as Fredrick Douglass opposed that and believed the Constitution was anti-slavery. Another reason was a disagreement by twain Supreme greet Justices on the issue if whether or not Constitutional rights were extend to ex-slaves. Eventually, all of this bickering led the Civil War mingled with the North and South.
In the first viewpoint, The U.S. Constitution Supports Slavery which is create verbally by a Boston abolitionist, it explains that the U.S. Constitution fully support slavery. Many points were made throughout this reading discussing why and how the temperament was for slavery.

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William Lloyd Garrison and many other abolitionists believed that political action against slavery within the government was hopeless. Garrison called the
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constitution a covenant with death. He was correct when he said this. reliable Compromises were made to limit the rights of slaves. In article oneness, section two the three-fifths compromise was put into action. This adds three-fifths of slaves bound to service for more than one year to the population. In article one, section nine it discusses a tax on the importation of slaves. Congress had the power to direct a tax on people imported as property or slaves. Congress had the right power to square up commerce...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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