Persuasive Speech Outline

Persuasive speech step upline
Topic: Social Media
Specific exercise: To persuade my audience that tender media is making us smarter
I. innovation:
A.Evidence: The Irish Daily Mirror reports that experts at threesome College Dublin have discovered that chat rooms and social net working sites can flex your brain muscles and make you smarter. according to look for the to a greater extent we use social networking sites, the more intelligent we become.
B. manakin: Social media, especially Facebook, can rapidly expand the working memory and therefore make us all more intelligent because our brains have to work extra hard to musical accompaniment up with game scores and status updates of hundreds of friends. The scientists at tierce College believe that our level of intelligence may continue to conjure depending on advances in social networking and social media.
II . dead body :
A.Emergency Response.
1.Examples: Big Easy
2.Hurricane Katrina
3.Haiti experiences a 7.0 magnitude earthquake.
a.By January 14th, a mere two days later, over $5 million dollars are raised by the American ruby-red Cross leverage a simple SMS text runnel for donations.
b.People trapped under rubble, but still prop onto their cell phones are able to be found by status updates on Facebook and tweets on Twitter.

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Example of my dad
2.Compare emeritus days and nowadays.
1.Worldwide community
1.People are finding the loves of their lives leveraging social media
2. How does social media dating make us smarter? Simple. Without the high life of having someone in front of you day and night or spying on them, the only way to find out who the real them is, is to observe them in action with their friends, daily activities, likes, interests, etc.
E. sparing Growth.
1.Weve all had our opportunity to complain about how the economy crashing has negatively impacted our lives, but stop and think about what social media has done for economic growth.
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