One day in the town of Zion the towns pot were woken by blaring sirens and flashing red lights that shown through the cracks in the curtains. The sirens plainly went off when the sacred Lions cage was opened. Everyone immediately rushed to the lions cage to predominate that it was opened! Upon further inspection, the towns people found that the lock on the cage was cut.
billy and Tommy, ii friends that were haring a slumber party when the sirens went off, they were the first kids on the icon and decided to take matter into their own hand. They noticed that thither were skid marks on the ground from an eighteen wheeler. They coif their heads together and remembered that there were only two people that poke eighteen wheelers. Those two people were Mr. Franklin and Mr. Mc yellow.
The boys set prohibited to Mr. Franklin and Mr. Mc Chickens house and to look for the lion. On the way to their houses it was feverous outside. Law Enforcement and people were running around everywhere flavor for the lion.
They finally got to Mr. Franklens house and knocked on the door. No one answered so they went into his sustain yard and did some snooping around, but could not find the lion. After searching a itty-bitty bit daylong they ruled out Mr. Franklin and decided to move on to Mr. Mc Chickens house.
After arriving at Mr.

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Mc Chickens house very different, there were big lion foot prints in the dirt driveway. Tommy and Billy followed the foot prints to the backyard. While in the backyard the boys kept hearing a deep muffled wail. They looked around and found a back door. They tired opening the door but it was locked. they noticed that the roar was a lot louder than before so they looked a little more and found an open window. They climbed through the widow and amend there was the lion. Before calling the Law Enforcement they looked for Mr. Mc Chicken and found him sleeping up stairs. They ran to the phone and called for help.
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