Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas is a hold in written by Dean Koontz. This book falls under the genre of thriller and mystery,although the book does contain some spiritual and supernatural elements within the plot. Koontz has selected his relay station to be a twenty year old anthropoid named after the book itself,Odd Thomas. Odd likes to think of himself as a normal and average person. He works his job as a short-order cook in a eating house called Pico Mundo Grille located in the small California township of Pico Mundo. Odd is also a churchman,he also doesnt conform to drugs,drinking,and anything that is considered wrong. However,Odd isnt comfortably just like every other human. Odd has utter to have a sixth sense,he can see loose masses,but not just any departed person,but the ones who cant let go of their earth lives. Those deceased are un commensurate to move on so they wander around assureing peace,since Odd is able to see them,He attempts to help them move on and drift peace luxurianty into Heaven. For instance,in the ascendant of the book he comes across a deceased young girl who wanders around his job. The girls name is Penny Kallisto,she is the dupe of a sexual predator as she was brutally assault and murdered.

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Penny is unable to let go and Odd helps her find her killer,who happens to be Odds high school mate,Harlo Landerson,and he is finally caught and send in jail. There are a few small fry characters in the story that have a bit of an tie with Odd,there is Chief Wyatt Porter one of the policemen of Pico Mundo. The chief helps odd in many situations and it has said he also acts as the fuck off figure in Odds life,he is one of the very few people who know some of Odds secrets,like that he can see the dead. other minor character is Little Ozzie,he is portrayed in the beginning of the story. Little Ozzie is called Big Ozzie because his father is still alive. Odd describes in the story that Little Ozzie probably weighs about 400 pounds. Ozzie owns a cat named Terrible Chester whom Ozzie claims is...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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