The discernment
The gigantic change

Two important movements that changed the 1700s were the Enlightenment and the prominent Awakening. The Enlightenment began in Europe, which stressed actor and inherent laws that excuse the events. The Great Awakening awoke colonist about the religious transport after it had started to die down. Both The Enlightenment and Great Awakening were different but had similar consequences for America.
The Enlightenment was in the 18th century intellectual movement that used the scientific mode and reasons that meant obtaining knowledge. There were four fundamental principles. First was that there were natural laws that clubhouseed the world. The second principal was that man could observe and reason why things happened. Third individuals had natural rights including the right to self-government. Last they could ameliorate society. The hatful in the colony began to question the role the British played in the colonies. The enlightenment brought many things to the table for ever-changing how people lived.
The religious fervor began to die down when The Great Awakening awoke the colonist. Preachers began to travel and attracted thousands the preachers were dramatic, emotional speakers.

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The preachers were not employed or formally educated and thought being reborn could perchance save ones self. Two famous inerrant preacher were Jonathan

Edwards and George Whitefield. Churches erupt into New Light and Old Light because of the two unused preachers new ideas caused friction between churches. During The Great Awakening colonist questioned the influence of the British government and religion. The Great Awakening changed how people thought about religion and the power of the churches.
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