P&P vs. Lta

Through comparing the epistolary text, Letters to Alice, and the novel, Pride and Prejudice, we voice that the two texts echo the ideologies of their contexts. Fay Weldon and Jane Austen interrelate with virtuoso another exploring the logical implication of education in terms of ones lesson growth, as well as elucidating on the differing attitudes towards marriage. In this sense, we are inspirited to speculate the changing responsibilities of women and education, with respect to the Regency and Post-Modern world.
In Pride and Prejudice, Austen send word be seen as a revolutionary going against the sen judgment of convictionnts of her time through and through her criticism of conventional education to the foundation of ones ethics. In that respect, Austen characterizes Mary to be socially feckless to castigate the way conventional education has failed. On that note, Mary, until now after reading Fordyces Sermons to Young Women, is helpless as she wished to say something sensible, but knew not how. Austens inverted phrase structure in knew not how emphasises her contradiction of Mary as she completely extracted threadbare morality, thus unable to apply it in appropriate situations. Therefore it is evident that the right books have to be read rather than traditional readings from the church are inadequate in shaping our morals.

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In contrast, Austen approves of figures such as Elizabeth and Darcy as they show intimations of moral growth through reconciliation. Although at jump Elizabeth was blinded by prejudice, at the denouement, Elizabeth has an epiphany, knowing beyond anything I had ever known before causing her to be improved in civility. Austen employs a hyperbole through her free-indirect discourse with Elizabeth to edify that practical experience is key for the depth in the formation of our own principles in life.
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