10 Steps to a Successful Interview

10 Steps to a Successful Interview
Arrive on time.
Introduce yourself in a courteous manner.
Read family materials while you wait.
Have a firm handshake.
Use carcass language to present interest.
Smile, nod, give nonverbal feedback to the interviewer.
Ask nearly the next step in the process.
Thank the interviewer.
Write a thank-you letter to anyone you have spoken to.
> First I had 2 fill up a blue name which was very
> important w.r.t upcoming tech & hr interviews. Then
> tech interview….one lady (LD) and one gentleman (GM)
> I only get out provide u with the tech interview
> questions. My tech interview was 80% project based.
> Some of the single questions I remember be as
> follows
> GM: any application bundles u know???
> LD: diff btwn database management system & rdbms????? What r codd rules???
> GM: how many types of relationship??? Eg. Of
> many-to-many relationship???
> GM: relationship btwn a foreign and primary key???
> Smart-key????
> LD: eg of left-outer give??? Recursive join????
> GM: one complex wonder involving join!!!
> LD: why have u used gate instead of oracle in yr
> project???
> I: (remember codt mumble in the interview.

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If ur
> saying something false show the confidence in u
> that yr answer is correct.) Our client told me so.
> (then grinning to yrself!!!!!)
> GM: types of dbms?? Give eg of each!!!!!!
> LD: give an eg of a table which is in 3nf not in
> bcnf??? Eg of reverse????
> GM: closing in 5 yrs??? Can u achieve that????
> LD: what is software configuration management????
> What is QA????
> GM: what is CMM??? Why level 5??? Advantages of
> spiral model??????

******** 70% of the interviews are dbms associate even
> if u havent mentioned dbms as a favorite. Show
> confidence in all answers. Jus prepare yr fundamental principle in
> dbms, ds, os, software engg, oops, c, c++, corejava
> , sql server, networking (optional) and get y

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