Book Review of the Tipping Point

Running head: A REVIEW OF THE TIPPING tailor 1

A Review of The Tipping show up

Pamela D. Bailey

Post University



This paper will explore the main(prenominal) themes of the book entitled, The Tipping Point, by Malcolm

Gladwell, (2000).

What happens when an supposition or trend spreads across the race in what seems same an instant?

That trend or idea can heighten the bearing we think, act or notice about certain products and services.

The Tipping Point makes us see the instauration in a whole new light. It explorers the reasons why

micro things make such a big difference in society. A group of people change the way they

invest and so many people take notice that a company on the verge of bankruptcy is

revitalized. Criminals change their way of thinking and a crime-ridden neighborhood can once

once again be safe for children to play in.

Gladwell (2000) states that murky changes in trends or behaviors should be viewed upon as

epidemics. Like the flu or a virus, this epidemic spreads and becomes contagious.


A palingenesis of The Tipping Point

While reading this book, I found that it explores three main themes. They are:

1. The Law of the Few

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The Stickiness Factor
3. The Power of Context

According to Gladwell, M. (2000), The Tipping Point is the act when everything

changes because a threshold has been crossed. Its the time when the ideas or trends change all

of a sudden with no real explanation.

These mysterious changes that mark everyday life should be thought of as epidemics and the

three themes listed above offer a way of reservation sense of epidemics. Epidemics often ignite and

spread very chop-chop and just as fast as they came, they are gone. The condition explains how ideas

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