British Tea Culture

British Tea Culture
In nowadays, apart from the Chinese afternoon teatime culture, the other two most famous tea cultures argon the eastern Japanese tea ceremony culture and the British black-tea culture.
While Chinese tea culture has a very(prenominal) long history, there are also many legends almost Britains contribution to tea. Its said that its the great cater and the active trade promotion that made the British tea become one of the international tea bev sequenceges in the domain and be planted in about 50 countries just about the world.
Then how the tea trees were introduced to Britain and how the British people made the black-tea?
integrity of the legends is that: About in the 1880s, a Britains tree-planting gatherer who named Robert put the tea bug into a portable-type insulation can, which made of special nut case and secretly took it to a ship bound for India. After that, more than than one hundred thousand tea saplings were cultivated in India and large-scale tea gardens formed at the same time. Then, the British tea culture came into being.
Another legend is that: In the era of sea expansion, because the western countries were always fighting for colonies in East, it became more and more difficult to get tea from China to Europe.

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However, in 1823, Robert Ruth, an enterpriser and adventurer from Scotland found wild tea in India, and therefore, the history of British tea began.
But in fact, the materials of British tea are from India and Sri Lanka. Its said that an envoy of British queen, George McCartney made an unsuccessful visit to China in 1793. The emperor butterfly Qianlong refused the trade request of British, but the British mission quench managed to take the collected precious Chinese tea seed to India, making use of the opportunities to travel around the mainland in China. Then, by dint of British East India Companys cultivating and planting widely, the tea produced in Indian Darjeeling and Assam became well-known since that.
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