Compare and Contrast Essay: Hue and Danang City

Write a essay to contrast the differences between hue urban center and Danang city.

Becoming a tourist guide has presumption me the opportunity of travelling to the two best beautiful far-famed city in central Vietnam: Danang and Hue. That visits left me memorable impressions. And wherefore I found that except the similarities, they have some particular(prenominal) features about atmosphere, weather and hatful.

Usu everyy the first difference that all people see is the atmosphere of the cities. Danang has grown into a great urban mass filled industries, buildings, roads, and lots of people so there is very animated and crowded. Besides, Danang is a b all(prenominal) city and has many dance halls, discos or bars, parks, theaters, galleries and so on so Danang at night is blustling, brilliant, and wonderful the like a paradise. On the contrary, Hue still remain quiet a transquil city where have not many companies, factories or enterprises etc and most(prenominal) people close their doors and turn off the lights early 9:30 PM. Thus, at night, Hue is very quiet and look like peaceful.

Another great difference is the weather in each city. Danang has two clear seasons including the rains (about the month 8 to 12) and dry season(from 1 to 7). You may be very excited with the various changeful nuances at each moment in a day. It is pleasurable and so great.

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In contrast, Hue has unpleasant weather which is atypical with continuous rains or the blazing hot days

Maybe the most important difference between the cities is the people. Because of that atmosphere and that weather positive modern elements entered from outside, Danangs enviromental invigoration is more active so It make the people follow to catch up the life rhythm. Therefore, Danangs people are active, open-hearted, and very offhanded. Where as, Hues people are influenced by gentle and dreamlike view and the long-standing cultural so they would be introspective and moderate than others.

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