Does the Stroop Effect Transpire with Words That Are Not Colour Words by Using Words That Are Colour-Associated...

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Title: Does the stroop effect transpire with words that are non colour words by using words that are colour-associated words and neutral words?


Many psychologists believed that further a small amount of the available sensory development can be passed through and be semantically analysed. This is called the stymy theory. However, after many experiments about assistance impact, psychologists like stool Ridley Stroop, proposed that all sensory instruction were analysed but a mass of the culture was stored unconsciously without realizing from experiences in everyday life that we cannot stop or manipulate.

This essay reports a study of a circumscribed Stroop effect which concludes that automatic processing could interfere on a colour recognition task. It was determined that participants would take a long-lasting time in identifying the ink colour of a listen of colour names than neutral words. It was found that unconscious semantic processing was actively happening.


There are three diverse processes that make up the cognitive processes: sensation, perception and attention. Firstly, sensation is the initial detection we sense and perception is the end result of processing all of the information we first received.

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However, between what is sensed and then(prenominal) perceived is what we call attention. Our cognitive process selects certain pieces of information for additional processing and throws away the others. For example, we can compare our cognitive process to how a computer works: moving, storing and transforming.

By having the attention process as one of our cognitive processes, we have to submit that the mind cannot take in everything all the information that we sense. However, information that is processed automatically underneath the stage of conscious awareness can still is proficient of influencing how we react and behave in our everyday lives. Our perception is heavily influenced by the knowledge that an individual...If you indispensability to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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