Domestic Violence

Sloan Garner
Instructor Kiger
English 101 TT 9:30
04 October 2012
home(prenominal) Violence
In millions of homes all over the United States at that place argon piece of musicy cases where domestic force play happens. Domestic madness is a very deadly crime that sometimes goes neglected because the i getting handle sometimes does non regularize anything about the abuse. The victims are usually women in these domestic military unit situations. Many people ask why the women that are abused do not tell anyone or report it to the police. in that location are a number of reasons that many women suffer and do not tell anyone. Some of these reasons are as follows: the man threatens to abuse her children, the man threatens to leave her, and ultimately, sometimes the man threatens to start her. Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to womenâ€"to a greater extent than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined. The sad thing about domestic violence is that it starts in high school. Young men may deliberate they have the right to control their female partners in any way necessary.
zThe question, Why do women stay in a violent relationship? is often answered by the victim cosmos blamed. Victims of abuse and battering often hear statements like: you must like it or you would leave. or youre just one of many women who love too much.

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But the truth is that no one pauperisms to be or enjoys being abused or battered. Their emotional state or self-image does not cause them to want to be in a violent relationship.
A chars reasons for staying in a violent relationship are more complex. Making statements about her strength of character does not explain why she stays. It can be dangerous for a cleaning lady to leave her abuser. More problems can be caused for the woman if her abuser is in control of all of the economic and tender status of their relationship. Leaving could mean she will live in fear for her life, the loss of custody of her children or loss of pecuniary support. She may even be afraid of harassment at work. Some women may...If you want to get a full essay, evidence it on our website: Orderessay

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