Effective Discipline

Cathy Malley
Cooperative Extension Educator, minor Development
University of Connecticut
Cooperative Extension

to understand childrens behavior better.
how to celebrate misbehavior.
how to deal with misbehavior.
that orbit eases children learn how to behave.
that there be umteen acceptable ways to discipline children.


If you have a prime(prenominal) of discipline skills, you allow work with children better. You and the children will be slight frustrated. Most people who care for young children say that discipline is their big concern. They wonder Am I being in like manner easy? or Am I being to a fault harsh? Effective discipline teaches children behavior that is right for that condemnation and place. As a day care provider, you want to help children develop self-importance-control. With self-control, children will know how to behave even when no one is watching them.

Children learn best from what actually happens, non from what is said to them. Teaching children considerably behaviors is more than declaiming them what to
do. Children will test limits. They will whine and argue to find discover how you react.

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If these interdict behaviors are rewarded (the children get what
they want), they will enforce the negative behaviors again.

Children learn by copying what they see others do. If you model good behaviors, children will copy them. Rewards also help children learn good
behaviors. If you are pleased with a childs behavior, let him or her know. Praise the child, and tell him or her exactly what you are pleased about.
Also, you can use other rewards, such as smiling and nodding, to let a child know you are pleased. Be sure to put up attention to children who are
behaving well. Do not let children who are misbehaving encounter all your time. Avoid giving things (especially food) to reward good behavior.

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