Electoral College

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There is no justification for the electoral College-none (The Electoral College, par.

31).Those be the words of George Edward 3rd, director of the Center for Presidential studies of Texas A

& M University College Station. What had been interpreted into consideration many long time ago cannot still

work these days. raft today can vote, but still not sufficient directly to decide who should be the

president, so they need a change in the Constitution that provide make the citizens will heard. There are

three reasons why should the Electoral College be abolished. Electoral College is a commission of

faithless electors, it favors states with smaller population, and for four clock guard failed to elect a

president with the almost popular votes provincewide. Although thither are those who are still thinking

Electoral College contributes to the political nation stability, they simply are forgetting about the

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Constitution. Without question, the Electoral College should be abolished.

Hundreds of years ago when the Constitution was written in 1787, many things stood in the way

of the process of choosing deliberately a chief administrator of unify States.

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For instance, the electors

couldnt recognize a difference among the people who were pursuit for the presidential candidacy,

since during the period, the group of persons organized to acquire political supply did not exist ( The

Electoral College, par. 11). Therefore, the framers of the Constitution, 55 representatives of the 13

originated colonies excluding Rhode Island, carried out with elaborated thought several important

suggestions on how to elect the chief executive of the United States (par. 12). To begin with, the chief

executive of United States was going to be select by the Congress (Kimberling, par. 8). Another idea was

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