Isolationism And Neutrality In The 1930S


Summer Institute for Teachers: 2009
La Retaguardia de Tampa:
The Spanish Civil contend and its Impact on Florida and U.S. History

Isolation and Neutrality in the 1930s
role player Lesson Plan: Craig Shimcus
Course: American Government

Using your textbook, construct a time line of events that includes the significant United States foreign insurance policy decisions from the Kellogg-Briand Pact of July 24, 1929, to the German invasion of Poland, September 1, 1939. Only riding habit those items that show how the United States tried to keep out of state of war.
coiffe your time line like this:
|Date |Event | logical implication |
|July 24, 1929 |Kellogg-Briand Pact |Outlaws the use of war |

At the conclusion of this legal action you need to answer the following questions:
-How did lacquerese aggression in Manchuria set the stage for the aggression of
Italy and Germany?

-Was the League of Nations able to rub aggression (why/why not)?

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-How did the United States treat Central and due south America during the late
1920s and throughout the 1930s?

-What was the main set on Roosevelts early foreign policy?

-What was the dissolve of our neutrality laws?

-What effect did the Nye Investigation give way on our neutrality laws?

-How did American neutrality affect other countries? (provide examples)

-What SHOULD the U.S. response have been to the German invasion of

*Explain the U.S. movement from neutrality to war from March 1939 to December
-Are these events similar or dissimilar to the events which led the U.S. into
-Was the U.S. at war before it declared war on Dec. 8, 1941? (explain)
-Was Japan justified in its attack on Pearl nourish?

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