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marijuana...... DEBATE THIS, I DARE you!!!!!!!!!!

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As a new advisor on the come along for MPP (marihuana Policy Project) I figured I would spout the FACTS here(predicate) for all(prenominal) of you. Please, read on and feel free to tilt me on what you read!

Our FAILED Marijuana laws cost tax payers $7.7 plankinal a year, keep our police from revolve arounding on substantive crimes, and FAIL to keep Marijuana away from minors!

In the Netherlands only 17% of people beat used Marijuana. Marijuana is sold and regulated in The Netherlands. Here in the states Marijuana is illegal. 41% of people over the age of 12 grant used it.

Drug dealers dont card for age. If pot were taxed and regulated, licensed establishments would card for fear of losing their liscenses to sell to adults. Look at what a release it has d oneness for Tabacco!!!

More chokers are made for marijuana than each violent crimes combined! Marijuana arrests are at an all time high of 755,186 people a year. That is one arrest every 42 seconds. 88% of these arrests are for simple willpower (small personal amount) and not sale or manufacture.

What would the legalizating of Marijuana do for our country?


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)Make Communities SAFER- Removing marijuana from the criminal market would free up more time for our police officers to arrest RAPISTS, CHILD MOLESTERS, MURDERERS, THIEVES, ETC! They could focus more on making sure no one is driving under the influence of either marijuana, alcohol, or any other substance. $7.7 BILLION dollars would be available for us to remit REAL criminals who threaten public saftey.

2.)Reduce TEEN Marijuana use- distant drug dealers, liscensed vendors would ensure that teens dont purchase pot, just like we swallow made sure that they cant stand by cigarettes without a valid ID. (I even-tempered get carded for smokes!) The same laws we would have for marijuana we already have on cigarettes. Teen tabacco use has largely dropped because of it...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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