The Psychosocial Contributors To Endometriosos

The Aetiology of Endometriosis
A Biopsychosocial
Endometriosis is a chronic tender distemper afflicting up to twenty women in every hundred, during their productive years which equates to around 89 million women around the world. It is the chip most common gynaecological disorder (Rodrigenz & Neyro, 1988). Endometriosis has a great deal been referred to as the Disease of Theories as no one is quite veritable why this tissue begins to grow in the wrong places. Whilst near women whitethorn have no symptoms others may suffer weaken pain even with mild disease (Chandler, 2000). Endometriosis occurs when the uterus lining (endometrium) is found growing in the wrong place, on other organs outside the uterus. The effects of the disease on a womans life can be serious and off the beaten track(predicate) reaching. Many have had to give up their jobs and restrict their lifestyle and experience difficulty coping with families. Often no palpable account is taken of their feelings when they ar diagnosed and treated for a disease so closely linked with their emotions (Ballweg, 1995).
Numerous theories have act to account for the pathogenesis of Endometriosis. Transportation system holds that blood and tissue may flow backwards into the abdomen via the fallopian tubes.

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Whereas Mutation Theory proposes that as we develop in the womb some endometrial cells may be misplaced. Systemic Theory, implicates the function of the main endocrine glands whilst Auto-Immune Theory implicates the immune system. Genetic Theory suggests that Endometriosis may be an inherited disease as faulty gene patterns are passed on. A more recent proposal has highlighted dioxins in the milieu in triggering Endometriosis (Vinatier, Orazi, Cosson & Dufour, 2001). However, the most commonly accepted theory is Sampsons Theory of transplantation of endometrial tissue on the pelvic peritoneum via retrograde menstruation. Because retrograde menstruation is seen in nearly all cycling women, endometriosis is postulated to...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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