The identity vs. role confusion stage is associated with adolescence, with includes historic period twelve to eighteen.

An adolescent with a sense of identity leave behind feel as though they know where they ar termination in life, or at least what they would like to be when they argon older. As a result, they go by means of kayoed adolescence with that object in mind, and tend to have a high aim of self-esteem because their life has direction and a sense of purpose.

Adolescents with a sense of role confusion feel as though they have no direction or purpose in life, and feel unsure as to what the future holds for them. They are marvellous to have any long-term goals, and their behavior could best be described as drifting aimlessly through life. They are also likely to have small-scale self-esteem.

So in summary, an adolescent with a sense of identity knows what they want to be when they are older. Whereas an adolescent with a sense of role confusion, is changeful as to what they leave be or do when they are older.

Social & Emotional Development

During this period your nestling will act up to be an emotional pendulum: happy and at ease sensation year, troubled by self doubts the next. These swings will smooth out as your teen approaches the end of high school and gains more confidence in his own independence.

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uncertain, unhappy, and sensitive
withdrawn; spends a potbelly of time alone; needs privacy
convinced that e realone else is watching and judging
very concerned with body image
self-esteem at a low ebb
not sociable with adults
friendships tend to be group-focused; more squabbling than a year ago

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