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The Doctor is in
The table is so cold. It is dark. Ms. Hammond we are about to begin. says the electronic voice behind the w every. I can hear the gravy of my beating heart in my chest. What am I doing here(predicate)? This is non my life. Whoa what is that? Just like in a k at one timeledge fiction movie I hear that unmistakable humming of some technological advancement. I want my mom.
If someone had told me a month ago that I would receive beam therapy I would have been too busy to listen. I am actually(prenominal) busy divorced mother of three. I work good time; I run from school to school weft up each of my children. I make dinner, help with basis work and enchant the kids all off to bed all before nine! I am a topnotch hero. Things were a lot easier when Mike was in the pictureĆ¢€¦But then again I am sure he is very happy with Stacy.
Ms. Hammond? We are done now. Dont occlude today is your doctors appointment. says the woman wearing a mask. Oh, I am sorry I guess I was just day dreaming. Yeah day dreaming when radiation and endless doctors appointments were not a subdivision of my daily life. Well the doctors appointments are not so bad. Dr. Lankan or Bobby, as I knew him at green High School, is so kindhearted. Then again he always was.
Its 2002, the middle of our senior year, Bobby is not much to look at.

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He was short, had a face full of acne, big glasses. A veritable(a) Urkle if you ask me. I on the other hand was the chieftain on the cheerleading squad, so naturally I was dating the first team Quarterback. Bobby and I had something special. It was never romantic, but still I could not go a Sunday night without our Trekkie session as we liked to call it. I could not watch a political debate without calling him. Now dont get me wrong, I was very committed to Mike (yes my now ex husband). He was great to look at, but any time I tried to have any kind of intelligent conversation he would say, You are too delightful to think so hard.
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