Essay on New Boy

Essay on poem New Boy 22/09/2009

I am going to write an summary on the poem New son by John Walsh and psychoanalyse it very care wide-eyedy. It is a poem about(predicate) a boy starting a new school and he is very nervous and scared. He doesnt have a clue where he is supposed to be , where he is and he doesnt know anyone. thither is lots of people screaming and shouting , and making a lot of noise and the boy is on the verge of ready-to-cry, until other boy helps him out and takes him where he is supposed to be and they closing up very good friends.

I admire the focus the poet has apply a range of different techniques uniform : Alliteration, Rhyme, Feelings and more poetic forms. I feel he could have used a bit more techniques despite what i moreover said. I think the poet is trying to make you think something that it is non because when I was reading the poem for the offset printing time, I musical theme it was going to be about violence and bullying scarce in the end it turned out a riant poem.

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I think he could have varied his puncuation because it seems as if the writer has just discovered semi - colons ( : ) and is having lots of mutant using them.

Another interesting thing I notice about the poem is that the poet has chosen a theme and unploughed to it. I personally wouldnt write a poem about school as I find it very special K and sometimes a bit boring. If it was me , I would choose something unusal worry fantasy or adventure and keep people interested. He also used a writing form called first person where you are the person telling the story and i think it is quite clever because you sort of feel like you are there aswell.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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