Final Exam-Psychology

Final Examination:
1. chance upon three types of bop. Romantic love-strong components of sexuality, early(a) in relationship, fascination. Affectionate love- companionate love, novelty re fit(p) by familiarity, when individuals swear to have the other person near and have a deep caring affection for the person. Consummate love-the strongest form of love that consists of passion, intimacy, and commitment. How are they alike? All three types of love mean passion, intimacy, and commitment. How are they different? Each level revolves commitment.

2.What is meant by the family disembodied spirit cycle? In the family life cycle no ii families are alike, they change over while and stages can hand at different times through the life span. Describe the cycle and at least two of its stages along with the results families are likely to experience in each. The six stages are divergence home single young adults, the joining of families through marriage, the tender couple, becoming cites and families with children, the family with adolescents, the family at mid life, the family in latter life. My choices are leaving home single young adults this stage involves launching the process in which youth bear upon into adulthood and exit their family of origin, to become more nonparasitic ahead joining with another person.

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And the family in mid life is the time of launching children, linking generations and adapting to mid life changes.

3.Identify and describe the styles of parenting and slightly potential consequences of each.1. The styles of parenting are authoritarian parenting the style in which the parent exhorts the child to follow directions and respect their efforts, firm limits and controls are placed on the child. Children are often unhappy, fearful and anxious slightly comparing themselves to others. 2. Authoritative parenting a style that encourages children to be independent but still places limits and controls. Children are often cheerful, self-controlled, and self-reliant...If you want to pull in a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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