Freud Vs. Adler

Psychology/405 Personality Theories

Freuds Theory of analysis and Adlers Theory of Individual Psychology

Constance Turner

Professor DR. Rockel Etienne

February 18, 2012

Freuds Theory of Psychoanalysis:
According to Freuds psychoanalytic theory of personality, there are three distinctive categories of the mind. These categories are the conscious, the sub-conscious, and the pre-conscious areas of the mind (Freud, 2002 revised Ed.). In the humanity mind, the conscious part of the mind involves our present thought processes, as well as our present environmental ken and behaviors that we act in. The sub-conscious category of the mind prevents the present thinking processes from scope the conscious category of the mind. The sub-conscious, acts on its own accord; as it not only thinks independently, but it also acts independently as well (Freud, 2002, revised Ed.). Contrary to the conscious and sub-conscious, the pre-conscious mind consists on the whole things of which we are aware of in full, and in their entirety, even though we are not presently attentive to them (Freud, 2002, revised Ed.).

Freud depict the psychoanalytic theory as if all humans have three study theatrical roles of our personality.

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The Id, the ego, and the superego were the names he labeled these components of the human personality. The Id, fit to Freud, consist of all of our primitive drives and operates mainly according to what the Id considers to be the principle of pleasure at the time, which is the first component of the theory. There are two main goals of the Id. The first is the regular seeking of pleasure, and the second is to avoid pain as a good deal as humanly possible (Freud, 1962). According to Freud, The Id has no certain perception of reality and seeks to find its needs through the base processes that dominate infants: hunger and self projection.

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