My Past, Present, and Future

My Past, Present, and Future 1

My Past, Present, and Future

PSY 202

Lana L. Byrd

Instructor Clearman-Warner

August 8, 2011

My Past, Present, and Future 2

I be possessed of always wanted to write a book close to my life, and talk more or less my past, present, and the future that I have daydream of. At the age of 36, I fin every last(predicate)y get to shekels the process, in which I am very excited about, to non only help others with hardships, and traumatic experiences, but to give my boys whatsoever history about their mama. I was born and raised in a small town called Myrtle Creek, Oregon. My mom and soda water met when my mom was 11, and my pa was 12, they have been together for 49 years. My childishness was horrible, as my parents battled many drug addictions. Growing up my dad was a very violent, angry, and abusive man to us kids, our school led to many beatings. As a child I was beaten, molested, and raped by my dads drug addict friends. My grandad and naan (My dads mom and dad) took me from my parents at the age of 11, after finding about me being severely abused in more than angiotensin-converting enzyme way. My grandma was a nurse in our local town. My grandpa worked for Pacific Power until the day he retired. My grandparents gave me a grand life, and showed me happiness in a life, that at one beat was very dark.

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My favorite memories, were with my grandma and grandpa. My grandma took me to work with her, and I instantly knew that my heart and soul was in the medical field. I saw how much my grandma loved helping people, and it was a big inspiration to me. My grandpa spoiled me, and made veritable that I had things that every child in life be and desire, like a new bike, new school clothes, and all the necessities that a girl needs.

My Past, Present, and Future 3

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