Poverty Termed As The Root Cause Of Terrorism

*Poverty bourned as the root sweat of terrorism* in Pakistan?
We be reaping what we had sown 30 years ago.
Blaming external forces is wrong, for we feel today is the blowback effect of our own actions.
In Pakistan, 50 million children’s ar suffering from stunned product and this was due to malnourishment that their mothers experienced during pregnancy.
These are the children who may afterward become suicide bombers in their fight against poverty and disparity.
immensity of paying due attention to the grievance of various federating units in Pakistan. Terrorism cannot be controlled without addressing their issues.
These people mostly belong to the ignored undeveloped rude areas of Pakistan where they are not even provided with the rudimentary necessities of life.
Advisable solution to this is to introduce land reforms and formulating short term policies. If at least 1% of the GDP is allocated for development, all rural areas of Pakistan can be developed. Allocating 5% of the annual budget for neighborly security programmers’ would immensely alleviate poverty, thus eliminating the root cause of terrorism.
The general public should not follow the doctrine of Taliban’s liking blindly.

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There is a need of assessing and evaluating such ideologies, doctrines, believes etc, beforehand following them.
Taliban who had emerged as a movement has been targeting innocent peoples and schools.
These Taliban are publically supported. We are not even aware of our surroundings. They are most fund by peoples who in fact criticize them. Have we ever wondered where the money that we donate in a donation boxes usually placed in shopping malls go? The money we place in the donation boxes placed at shopping centers and other public places were for Taliban and other such organizations.
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