Psychology Theories

This paper introduces four approaches to psychotherapy.  I explore polar theories: psychodynamic, humanistic and behavioristic. First, I consider the origins of each theory and keep a brief background history regarding one theorist. Finally, I weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of all approaches. For psychodynamic theory, I have elect to look at the work of Sigmund Freud; Carl Rogers for humanistic psychotherapy and Ivan Pavlov for doingsal psychotherapy.
Huffman, Younger, & Vanston, 2010 explains psychology term and its origin, The term psychology comes from the root psyche, which means soul or mind, and logos mean banter or study. Modern psychology is the systemic or scientific study of behaviour and mental processes(p. 4). American psychological affiliation (2011) explains, Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour. It studies the function of the brain to the actions of the nations, from claw development to care for the aged( p. 1).
Four lasts of Psychology:
The goal of psychology is to understand why people act the itinerary they do.

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To know the events in the environment that have caused that behaviour; refer as to how they differ when observed with the same events; describe as to how they differ when observed with the same events; and to predict the possible consequences of that behaviour so as to help in the assortment and gain of the lives of every individual. There are four goals of psychology:
Describe- it identifies and classifies behaviour and mental process.
Explaining- it proposes reasons for behaviour and mental processes, why these processes occur.
Prediction- it offers educated guesses for the future(a) events; how a given presumption or set of condition will affect behaviours and mental processes and under what conditions is the behaviour or event likely to occur.
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